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HARMAND PONDER is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer dealing in music, graphic design, art direction, marketing, interior design, and visual communication with a focus on collaborations within fine art, fashion, architecture, and cultural institutions.

PonderStudio® produces projects ranging from merchandise to printed matter, such as books, campaigns, and more with an interest in the intersection of art, culture, fashion, and commerce.

PonderStudio® was founded with collaboration in mind. By working with individuals and teams that extend to include a broader circle of creatives we are able to meet each project’s requirements while exercising its full potential.
Skills: Audio Production/ Graphic Design / Spatial Design / Art Direction / CAD Design / Marketing / Artwork /  Visual Identity / Interior Design / Corporate Identity / Editorial Design / Package Design / Type Design / Consulting / Content Development / Exhibition Design / Video Editing

Location: New York, NY

For portfolio, typeface purchases, or any other inquiries. contact hp@harmandponder.com
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